The construction sector suffers from a shortage of qualified labour and a lack of interest from young people. At the same time, construction workers are asked to continuously demonstrate new abilities related to digitalisation, circular economy, energy efficiency and improved occupational health and safety regulations. While these skills are starting to be addressed by public policies, further work is needed to address current and upcoming challenges of the construction sector.

EBC advocates for work-based learning (WBL), the integration of entrepreneurship in Vocational Education and Training (VET) curricula, the better involvement of SME associations and employers’ representatives in the definition of skills and apprenticeship and reinforced efforts to attract young people and women to the sector.

EBC is a member of European Alliance for Apprenticeship (EAfA) to strengthen the supply, quality and image of apprenticeships in the construction sector. Additionally, EBC participates to EU-funded projects under the Erasmus+ program with the ambition to shape the future of skills and VET in the construction sector.


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