EBC Press Release: Rising prices of construction materials are disrupting the recovery of construction SMEs and of the EU

Construction 2050 Alliance Press Release: The construction ecosystem as an opportunity for new talent? YES!

Skills: Strategic Construction Blueprint survey on skills needs of construction companies

Energy Efficiency: Coalition of the Willing on Better Buildings and Neighbourhoods stepping up EPBD activity

Construction 2050 Alliance – Event ‘Opportunities for new talent’, July 1

Digitalisation: DigiPLACE closing conference on the EU Green Deal

Standardisation: Green growth and standards at the core of the SBS Annual event 2021

Energy Efficiency: DG Energy stakeholder workshops on the EPBD revision

EU Industrial Strategy: the construction value-chain stands ready to define a pathway for transition to achieve EU goals

BIM4Ren project: fourth webinar “BIM4Ren tools: BIM bots added-value in energy renovation projects” on 20 May