Standardisation: EBC attends Advisory Group on Construction Products and Standing Committee on Construction

Standardisation: SBS Construction Forum discusses the impact on SMEs of the under-revision CPR

Standardisation: EBC attends ADCO and GNB meetings on the CPR

Standardisation: SBS releases Guide for SMEs to navigate contradictory standards in construction

Standardisation: Small Business Standards asks for long-term IFC compatibility to support SMEs’ digital transition

Standardisation: The European Parliament discusses updates on the Construction Products Regulation

Standardisation: 26 SBS experts representing SMEs construction technical fora

Standardisation: Joint EBC, SBS, FIEC and CPE reaction to the IMCO report for a revised Construction Products Regulation

EBC members meet new Head of Unit Construction Knapton-Vierlich during General Assembly

SME reporting: EBC contributes to EFRAG consultation on Sustainability Reporting Standards for large enterprises