Health & Safety: EBC becomes an official partner of new EU-OSHA campaign Healthy Workplaces campaign

Health & Safety: Revised Asbestos at Work Directive in EU Official Journal

Human-robot collaboration: Mid-term meeting for Horizon Europe project HumanTech

EU Green Week: EBC discusses electrical and fire safety skills in Fire Safe Europe event

Asbestos: FIEC and EBC call for a pragmatic approach with a realistic and implementable framework on asbestos

Asbestos: EMPL Committee adopts Report on Asbestos at Work Directive in European Parliament

Asbestos: EBC position calls for a realistic legislative framework with strong accompanying measures for construction SMEs and crafts

Asbestos: EBC and FIEC joint statement to the draft EMPL report on asbestos at work

Asbestos: EBC meets MEP Villumsen to discuss asbestos at work and SMEs