Standardisation- SBS attends plenary of CEN/TC-442 in Building Information Modelling

Standardisation: 26 SBS experts representing SMEs construction technical fora

Public procurement: EBC participates to High Level Construction Forum session on BIM in public contracts

Digital construction: Successful conclusion of the pioneering BIM4Ren project on BIM tools for SMEs in renovation

Digital Construction: EBC attends Czech Presidency’s Conference on Digital Construction

EUSEW: final BIM4Ren event on digital tools and the Renovation wave

Digital construction: BIM4Ren training days in Italy and France

EUSEW 2022: final BIM4Ren event on digital tools for construction SMEs, skills and the Renovation Wave

Digitalization: BIM4REN final events’ calendar

High-Level Construction Forum: EBC co-chairs session on digital tools in the EU green transition