Past projects

Under Construction 3

As 2012 was the European Year for Active Ageing, EBC successfully ran the project “Under Construction 3: supporting active ageing and young workers in construction SMEs”, financed by the European Commission under the budget heading Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue. Running from July 2011 to June 2012, the project involved 11 national partner organisations from 8 EU Member States, which shared best practices on supporting active ageing and attracting young workers to reinforce the sectoral social dialogue in the construction sector. The project was organised among the lines of the “Under Construction 1 and 2” projects run by EBC.

Under Construction 2

The project “Under Construction 2” aimed at improving the conditions and records for health and safety in construction SMEs through a coordinated approach of social partners. Coordinated by EBC and co-financed by the European Commission, under the budget heading on the European Social Dialogue, this project ran from January to December 2009. Under Construction 2 gathered 13 trade-unions as well as construction and inter-professional SME associations from 11 countries. It has a special focus on, at that time, new EU Member States and candidate countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Malta and Turkey.

Under Construction 1

“Under Construction 1: improving the role of construction SMEs in the sectoral social dialogue” was the first EU-funded project coordinated by EBC under the budget heading on the European Social Dialogue. It ran from September 2007 until June 2008, with three main objectives: to enhance the organisational capacity of construction SME associations, especially in new Member States; to facilitate the participation of SME associations in the national sectoral social dialogue; and, to identify and overcome the obstacles to a better access of SME associations to the sectoral social dialogue. The project gathered 10 national SME associations and 2 national trade unions from 9 European Member States under the coordination of EBC.


EBC was a partner of EuroApprenticeship, an EU-funded project aiming to build a network of competent bodies and intermediate organisations that can provide expertise, information and support to learning mobility projects promoted by VET providers. Running from March 2010 to June 2013, this project also sought to develop new innovative methods and learning environments to improve the workforce’s competencies, by better adapting VET systems in Europe to labour market needs and by encouraging placements abroad. EBC gave a sectoral dimension to the work and its implementation at the national level, while also participating in the communication and dissemination activities.