INCREASE – “effective advaNCements towards uptake of photovoltaic (PV) integrated in buildingS & infrastructure – is a European project funded under the Horizon Europe programme, which will run under the lead of the Belgian energy specialists company Th!nk E for 54 months with a total budget of EUR 10 million. The project brings together a consortium of industry experts, manufacturers, innovators, and construction representatives, as well as research centres and academic institutions, in order to drive novelties in PV integration in buildings and enhance the adoption of solar power in construction and infrastructure projects.

The INCREASE project’s goal is to promote the broader adoption of Integrated Photovoltaic (IPV) systems by introducing innovations in module and system design, encapsulation and coatings, as well as operation guidelines. These innovations aim at enhancing aesthetics, reducing glare, minimizing environmental impact, improving fire resistance, and preventing fouling. At the system level, the project focuses on IPV facade and roof concepts, as well as noise barriers. The project also seeks to provide practical guidance for infrastructure IPV projects, validated through various pilots. Additionally, it will involve rigorous testing in line with industry standards and employ optimisation software for the selection of IPV size and characteristics based on building and infrastructure-specific factors. User feedback, co-creation, and the multiple demonstrations across European countries will support market acceptance and stimulate cross-sector collaboration, policy development, investor engagement, and business case assessments to drive large-scale market adoption.

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