Co-financed by the LIFE programme, the project CondoReno Creating and Multiplying Integrated Home Renovation Services for private condominiums in the Netherlands and Flanders  – gathers 10 organisations under the lead of the Technical University of Delft and will run for 48 months. It aims at creating six Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) for buildings co-owned by multiple private homeowners, targeting Condominium Associations (CAs) in the Netherlands and Flanders. These will be tested by intervening directly in condominiums meetings of eight study cases, paving the way for future replication of such one-stop-shops in other Member States based on CondoReno knowledge and experiences. The project’s scope fits into the efforts of the construction value-chain towards the energy efficient renovation of the European building stock, in the context of the clean energy transition of the European Union. The initial focus of the activities will be on the Netherlands and Flanders, while at a later stage, EBC and the International Union of Property Owners UIPI will steer the replication of CondoReno models in at least other 5 EU countries, targeting local contractors and property owners improving efficiency, safety, and quality in the construction sector while reducing the environmental impact of building sites.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) MGA — Multi & Mono, under grant agreement No. 101076316.