Co-financed by the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme BIO4EEB – BIO insulation materials for Enhancing the Energy performance of Buildings, will last for four years and has a total budget of around EUR 9 million. BIO4EEB gathers 17 partners, under the coordination of the German specialised company 3L Architects. The aim of the project is to develop a set of bio-based insulation products which are complementary to each other, providing solutions adaptable to various situations and typologies of buildings. The products developed will be tested through their application to 5 real case pilot sites in Germany, Spain, France, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic and 3 virtual case pilot sites, that will cover different renovation scenarios. The project’s scope aims at supporting the construction sector to increase the use of bio-based and sustainable material in renovation projects to meet the EU’s energy and environmental goals. The BIO4EEB project aligns with the objectives set by European legislations, by developing bio-based insulation materials that meet industry standards, which could lead to a 50% reduction in total embodied energy over the whole lifecycle of a building. Indeed, BIO4EEB will look at closing the increasing gap of insulation material shortage caused by the regular growing demand and the mismatch caused by lacking production potential and the outcome of the current energy crisis by boosting the use of available bio-based qualified materials as alternative solutions.

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BIO4EEB is co-funded by the European Community Horizon Europe Program for European Research and Technological Development (2023-2027) and has received funding from the European Union.