Portraits of women and young people in construction

In 2015 EBC celebrated its 25-year anniversary with a photo exhibition in the European Parliament on the role of women and young people to make construction SMEs more inclusive.

The European Economic and Social Committee hosted this exhibition on “Portraits of women and young people in construction” for one month. The opening ceremony and welcome cocktail took place on 17 February 2016 at 19.00 in the European Economic and Social Committee.

The visitors discovered the fascinating stories of these people as well as the initiatives the sector needs to improve the participation of women and youth in construction.

The exhibition featured photos depicting the passions, the efforts and the stories of young people and women working in construction trades. It showed how they got involved in the sector and what their take on the future is.

The construction sector is in urgent need of new talented and skilled people to replace retiring workers and cope with demand. It’s a win-win situation. Women and young people are the future of the sector.