Digitalisation: DigiPLACE closing conference on the EU Green Deal

BIM4Ren project: fourth webinar “BIM4Ren tools: BIM bots added-value in energy renovation projects” on 20 May

BIM: join the BIM4Ren Stakeholders community to learn more on the digital renovation of buildings

Digitalisation: BIM4Ren General Assembly, Tech day & webinar

Standards: SBS Annual event on SMEs and the data economy

Digital construction: Meet BIM4Ren, easy-to-use BIM tools for renovation

BIM4Ren project: first webinar “Meet BIM4Ren: Easy-to-use BIM tools for renovation” on 26 May

The very first BIM4Ren newsletter is out!

Celebrating the first anniversary of the Horizon 2020 BIM4Ren project!

H2020 project BIM4Ren: focus on workflows, stakeholders’ requirements, KPI and pilot sites in 2nd project meeting