Circularity: New Horizon Europe project SUM4Re focuses on material reuse in construction through urban mining

EPBD: Insights from the 1st EU Peers Summit, the Community for Integrated Home Renovation Services

Construction 4.0: BEEYONDERS partners met in Genoa to discuss next steps

Renewables: INCREASE Project Meeting in Brussels on enhancing PV integration efforts

Energy Efficiency: CondoReno Steering Committee advances sustainable renovation in Mechelen

Renewables: EBC intervenes in EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day

Data & Statistics: The European Commission announces a new and improved EU Building Stock Observatory

Robotisation: Mid-term review meeting in Zurich for HumanTech project on human-robot collaboration in construction

Sustainable construction: BIO4EEB discusses 12 first month’s progress in Prague

Energy Efficiency: First CondoReno Flemish National Advisory Board and Acceleration Workshop