BIM: SBS attends plenary of CEN/TC 442 in Norway

High-Level Construction Forum: EBC co-chairs session on digital tools in the EU green transition

Digitalisation: Commission looks for digital champions among construction SMEs

Digital Construction: BIM-SPEED National training and dissemination workshops

High Level Construction Forum: Co-creating a policy roadmap for the sector

BIM: The ”EU BIM for Building Renovation” Competition awaits your participation

Digitalisation: DigiPLACE closing conference on the EU Green Deal

BIM4Ren project: fourth webinar “BIM4Ren tools: BIM bots added-value in energy renovation projects” on 20 May

Digital Construction: DigiPLACE presents its Reference Architecture Framework for a construction platform

BIM: join the BIM4Ren Stakeholders community to learn more on the digital renovation of buildings