Skills: 18 energy and construction associations team up to put skills challenges high on the new EU agenda

In the coming years, the focus for EU leaders will span a range of critical areas: re-industrialization, digitalization, energy transition, or enhancing supply chain resilience. But now, at the start of a new political cycle in Brussels, it is that time when the European institutions and governments reflect on their priorities for the new mandate. Central to all these efforts is the need for skilled talent to ensure Europe’s success in an increasingly complex global landscape.

EBC, along with 17 other European associations brought together by EuropeOn, has reached out to the 27 national governments and the European Commission, emphasizing the importance of integrating skills and labour policies with the broader European agenda.

For construction SMEs and craftsmen, addressing the systemic skills and labour shortages must be a top priority. Policymakers need to ensure that the labour market supports rather than hinders Europe’s transformation and the ongoing digital and green transition of the sector. This focus on workforce development not only aligns with Europe’s strategic goals but also meets the aspirations of European citizens seeking stable and fulfilling careers.

The letter, titled “The European Year of Skills continues: Europe powered by skills and workforce development”, also outlines new skills provisions that the Commission and Member States must implement by the end of the year, in accordance with the revised Energy Efficiency Directive.

The full list of co-signatories includes: AVERE – the European Association for Electromobility, CECAPI – European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers, EBC – European Builders Confederation, EHPA – European Heat Pump Association, EPB Center – Energy Performance of Buildings Center, EU-ASE – European Alliance to Save Energy, EU.bac – European Building Automation and Controls Association, EUEW – European Union of Electrical Wholesalers, Efficient Buildings Europe (formerly EuroACE), EuropaCable – European Association of Cable Manufacturers, EuropeOn – European Association of Electrical Contractors, GCP Europe – the voice of efficient building engineering services, International Copper Europe – Copper Industry in Europe, Lighting Europe – Trade Association of the Lighting Industry in Europe, REHVA – Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations, SolarPower Europe – European Solar PV Industry, T&D Europe – European Grid Technology Providers, and Wind Europe – European Wind Industry

To read the full letter “The European Year of Skills continues: Europe powered by skills and workforce development” co-signed by EBC, click here