Renewables: INCREASE Project Meeting in Brussels on enhancing PV integration efforts

On April 26, 2024, the INCREASE project partners gathered at the SolarPower Europe premises in Brussels. This event marked the first gathering since the project’s kickoff in October 2023 and offered a platform to discuss the advances made in integrating photovoltaic (PV) systems into buildings and infrastructure.

Led by Th!nk E, unites a diverse array of industry experts, innovators, and researchers to push the boundaries of PV technology. The focus is on developing innovations in PV module design, coatings, and operational guidelinesto improve the aesthetics of PV systems, reduce glare, and bolster environmental impact and fire resistance.

The agenda for the day was packed with insightful presentations and workshops that delved deep into various aspects of the project:

  • Project Progress: Th!nk E provided an overview, highlighting significant achievements under Work Package 9 and setting the stage for the day’s discussions.
  • Quality and Ethics: The session continued with a detailed discussion on the project handbook, focusing on quality and ethics procedures.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Workshop: A workshop focused on measuring the project’s impact and effectiveness, where participants discussed ongoing progress in defining and refining KPIs.
  • Data Management: The team covered the management of data formats and the collection of demonstration data.
  • Demonstration Status: Updates were provided on the status of the project demonstrations, essential for evaluating the practical application of the project’s innovations.
  • Local Co-creation: Sessions focused on local approaches and co-creation strategies to enhance community engagement and adoption.

The meeting concluded with discussions on the engagement strategies and the development of the INCREASE website. This session underscored the project’s commitment to extending its reach and impact through effective communication and public engagement.

As part of our commitment to stakeholder engagement, EBC invite interested parties to participate in the INCREASE Project Survey (Survey Link). Your feedback will contribute to the ongoing efforts in advancing PV integration in buildings and infrastructure.

For those interested in further discussions or inquiries regarding the survey or the INCREASE project, EBC will be following up to provide additional information and support.

To learn more about CondoReno, visit the project website here

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