Energy Efficiency: CondoReno Steering Committee advances sustainable renovation in Mechelen

On April 24 and 25, 2024, key stakeholders of the CondoReno project convened in Mechelen for a critical Steering Committee meeting. Hosted at Het Predikheren, the gathering aimed to assess progress and plan future steps for enhancing energy efficiency in condominium renovations throughout Flanders and the Netherlands. This meeting served as a crucial checkpoint for discussing the state of play across different work packages and reviewing preparations for the upcoming reports.

CondoReno is dedicated to developing Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) tailored for condominium associations that are keen on implementing energy renovations. The primary goal of the CondoReno project is to establish six distinct IHRS targeting buildings in the Netherlands and Flanders, setting a precedent for scaling such services across Europe.

The Technical University of Delft, coordinator of the project, led discussions on the first periodic report, focusing on requirements and assessing current progress. This was an essential component of the meeting as it helped align the project’s objectives with the documented outcomes and prepared the team for the next stages of implementation.

Then, some strategies of the city of Mechelen for transitioning to fossil-free heating were presented. along with some case studies from the Keerdok and Electriciteitstraat projects, showcasing the city’s efforts in sustainable urban development and providing inspiration for similar initiatives.

A significant highlight was the workshop on co-creating IHRS, where experts introduced innovative tools and strategies for collaborative project management. This session underscored the importance of collective efforts in transforming the renovation landscape and provided practical insights into the development of IHRS.

The conference also featured a workshop titled “Living Cost-Neutral Renovation: Also Possible in Flanders?” which drew participants from Flemish engineering offices. The workshop focused on developing energy-efficient renovation concepts that enhance comfort without increasing monthly costs, discussing ways to add value for property owners and promote sustainable living.

Among other things, EBC, in collaboration with the International Union of Property Owners UIPI is currently developing the activities for the CondoReno International Advisory Board and 10 international workshops. If you are interested in contributing to the discussion on more energy-efficient condominiums in Europe, you can contact the EBC Secretariat to assess synergies in the CondoReno context.

To learn more about CondoReno, visit the project website here
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) MGA — Multi & Mono, under grant agreement No. 101076316.