Renewables: EBC intervenes in EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day

Last week, on 21 February, EBC was invited to contribute to a high-level discussion on photovoltaic buildings in the EU strategies, as part of the EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day organised by the SEAMLESS-PV Project and SolarPower Europe.

EBC Policy Officer Spyros Mathioudakis presented construction SMEs’ outlook on the opportunities and challenges arising from Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), as well as EBC’s commitment to the green and digital transition of construction with a particular angle on renewables.

The representatives of the European Commission (DG ENER) and of SolarPower Europe provided interesting insights with their presentations on “Solar Buildings in EU legislative and strategy cycle for solar energy” and on “BIPV and solar sector in EU: status, challenges and perspectives” respectively. A fruitful discussion followed amongst panellists, moderated by Heinz Ossenbrink, former Head of the Unit for Renewable Energy at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. When it comes to BIPV, the promising potential for a greater uptake of innovative PV solutions in renovations and new buildings, the value of a predominantly “Made in Europe” supply chain, the role construction SMEs and crafts can play and the skills required, as well as the need for guidance and a clear framework for market access, permitting and performance of BIPV were put forward. While solar PV uptake has been exponentially growing the past years, with a growth rate of close to 40% in Europe in 2023, BIPV remains a segment with significant growth potential, currently estimated to be making for less than 1% of the total PV market. As a highlight, DG ENER informed about its work towards the development of guidance regarding BIPV in the coming period, to facilitate their uptake by interested actors and Member States.

Notably, EBC’s support for an EU solar mandate as part of the recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive was highlighted during the discussion. The link with the Horizon Europe project INCREASE, started in the autumn 2023 with the joint participation of EBC and SolarPower Europe, was also mentioned.

EBC looks forward to continuing exploring how renewable energies, including a solar strategy, can bring an added value to renovations carried out by SMEs and help address citizens’ demand for more comfortable, efficient, and green buildings.

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