Standardisation: SBS advocates for a more inclusive national and international standardisation

In an effort to facilitate greater involvement of SMEs in standardisation processes, our partner organisation Small Business Standards (SBS), the European association supporting SMEs in standardisation, has released two position papers highlighting the urgent need for enhanced participation and representation of SMEs in the standardisation process.

At the national level, the recommendations outlined by SBS emphasise the importance of proactive outreach by National Standards Bodies (NSBs) to SME associations. SBS suggests organising regular meetings, informative sessions, and joint seminars tailored to demonstrate the practical value of standards in improving business operations, competitiveness, and market access for SMEs. Furthermore, NSBs are encouraged to provide easily accessible information allowing SMEs to identify relevant standardisation work and to establish structured mechanisms for engaging SMEs in the standardisation process.

Turning to the international standardisation arena, SBS underscores the necessity of strengthening the role and impact of SMEs. This involves establishing a SME policy group within ISO-IEC to provide a forum for SMEs to discuss standardisation issues affecting them directly. Additionally, SBS recommends granting SMEs conditional access to relevant normative references and streamlining the liaison request process for SME associations to ensure their direct impact on the work of ISO and IEC Technical Committees.

In conclusion, the recommendations put forth by SBS in its position papers underscore the importance of SME involvement in standardisation both at the national and international levels. By implementing these recommendations, stakeholders can ensure that SMEs have a voice in shaping standards that are inclusive, reflective of diverse perspectives, and supportive of SME growth and innovation in the global marketplace.

EBC is a founding member and partner of SBS, representing SBS in construction-related fora and coordinating its sectoral approach for construction.

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