Construction 4.0: EBC in BUILD UP Expert Talks explains the revolution of the building sector

EXPERT TALKS series is an initiative from the BUILD UP portal. In the form of face-to-face interviews, experts from all around Europe and covering the field of energy efficiency in buildings from different perspectives share their views, experience and expertise with BUILD UP audience. The interviews address relevant topics linked to the Topic of the Month.

This month EBC was invited to discuss about “The revolution of the building sector: Construction 4.0“.

In the interview, EBC Secretary General Fernando Sigchos Jiménez answers questions about EBC’s definition of Construction 4.0 and its difference from traditional construction methods, what are the challenges related to the adoption of digital technologies for small enterprises in the construction industry, and how the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing the changes of implementing digital twins and artificial intelligence in their construction processes.

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