Data & Statistics: The European Commission announces a new and improved EU Building Stock Observatory

Back in 2016, the European Commission launched the European Building Stock Observatory (EU BSO), a web tool that tracks energy performance and decarbonisation-related buildings data for all EU countries to elevate the data overview for the European market.

Year after year, the EU BSO proved to be an interesting complement of information for a wide range of actors. For this reason, the tool has been updated and improved by the EC, with the objective to remain useful across the whole policy cycle, from effective target-setting to implementation, enforcement monitoring and evaluation at both national and EU level. To this end, the platform’s user interface has been improved, including higher quality data visualisations.

This new version draws data from reliable available sources, such as Eurostat, National statistics offices in Member States, and Horizon Europe projects. This includes more reliable data for building stock analysis, new indicators, and better data visualisations, all available for consultation through a more user-friendly interface, which will be continuously updated.

The collected data include the fundamentals required for any building stock analysis such as the number of buildings per country, the number of residential and non-residential buildings , the surface rate of constructed floor area, the renovation rate or the total final energy consumption.

With this upgraded EU BSO, the European Commission aims at making the platform the central hub for European building stock data. This would then contribute to the need of transparency on real activity related to energy efficiency across the EU’s building stock, especially under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

To know more about the European Building Stock Observatory, visit the website