Sustainable construction: BIO4EEB discusses 12 first month’s progress in Prague

On January 11 and 12, EBC met the partners of the project BIO4EEB – BIO insulation materials for Enhancing the Energy performance of Buildings, co-financed by the Horizon Europe programme until 2026, to take stock after 1 year of collaboration in Prague. BIO4EEB aims to develop a range of bio-based insulation products for various building types and situations. By utilizing non-hazardous bio-based materials like Posidonia and bio-based foams, the goal is two-fold: supporting the increasing use of sustainable materials in renovation projects to align with European legislation and industry standards and addressing insulation material shortages.

The consortium discussed the work performed in the development of technological, building and manufacturing contextualisation reports. Furthermore, technical partners presented their progress on the development of posidonia bio-based core, polyelectrolyte coatings, polylactic acid foams, and bio-polyurethane foams for sprayable insulation. In addition, the current state of the 3 virtual and 5 real demo sites and their implementation plan for the forthcoming months was introduced. Finally, the meeting also addressed the exploitation and market analysis aspects of the project, as well as its dissemination and communication strategy, including the clustering and cooperation with other relevant projects and initiatives.

This occasion also celebrated the first Advisory Board meeting, organised by EBC, the German coordinator 3L Architects and the French-Italian innovation experts of R2M. The objectives of BIO4EEB and its milestones the project were presented, and valuable advice and guidance was obtained from the experts. Afterwards, a collaborative KPIs qualification workshop organised by the Hungarian building and urban consultancy ABUD took place, with both the project partners and the Advisory Board members. This exercise allowed to gather valuable information on the potential benefits of the BIO4EEB solutions, serving for future finetuning of the core KPIs stemming from the demo-cases.

As responsible on developing synergies with other relevant initiatives, EBC has also actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at the development and promotion of sustainable products. In the last stretch of 2023, EBC participated both in a workshop organised by the ORIENTING project, contributing insights and becoming acquainted with the methodology devised for Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) and provided input to the survey of the SUSTRACK project to identify barriers hindering the transition towards circular practices. These activities ensure that BIO4EEB deliverables are not developed in isolation; instead, they contribute collectively with other projects in shaping the future framework for the development of bio-based products.

Additionally, EBC is currently involved in the identification of the relevant requirements of the construction market for BIO4EEB, including technical specifications, existing standards, as well as methodologies for assessing circularity. This task aims at ensuring that the BIO4EEB products align seamlessly with the continually changing demands of the market and effectively tackle the distinct challenges encountered by SMEs.

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BIO4EEB is co-funded by the European Community Horizon Europe Program for European Research and Technological Development (2023-2027) and has received funding from the European Union.