Fire Safety: EBC supports the #KeepEUFireSafe campaign

A coalition of consumer groups, fire safety experts, and industry leaders has launched a campaign calling for an EU-wide Fire Safety Strategy, in the context of the 2024 European elections approaching.

Their Manifesto titled ‘Keeping EU Citizens Fire Safe in All Buildings’ invites Members of the European Parliament, candidates, and key organizations to endorse its call to action for European institutions to prioritise fire safety in buildings and collaborate with Member States in developing a comprehensive strategy.

Significant backing has already been received from MEPs across various countries and parties, as well as numerous stakeholders in the fire safety and construction sectors, including EBC. Amongst them, Seán Kelly (Ireland, EPP), Ciarán Cuffe (Ireland, Greens), Maria Da Graça Carvalho (Portugal, EPP), Adam Jarubas (Poland, EPP), Niels Fuglsang (S&D, Denmark), Billy Kelleher (Ireland, Renew) and Carlos Zorrinho (S&D, Portugal).

In light of the risks in fire safety and the new challenges brought by the European Green Deal’s emphasis on decarbonising buildings, EBC is supporting the #KeepEUFireSafe campaign and endorses the 10 proposals of the manifesto.

Our Secretary General Fernando Sigchos Jiménez stated: “Our SMEs and builders are joining the #KeepEUFireSafe campaign, given the major changes to come in terms of sustainable buildings and increased energy efficiency and integration of renewables, for which fire safety is an important element. Whether as advisors, installers or trainers, SMEs in the construction sector are active in the field of fire prevention. Their work in this area, as well as that of all the major players in fire safety, should be given a higher profile, without making things unnecessarily complex, for example by avoiding certification that is not adapted to SMEs.

For more details and to support the manifesto, visit the website: