EBC President Philip van Nieuwenhuizen elected as new Board Member of SMEunited

At the occasion of the last SMEunited General Assembly, on 1 December, EBC President Philip van Nieuwenhuizen, as the candidate of the Dutch SME organization MKB-Nederland, was officially elected as new member of the Board of Directors of SMEunited.

SMEunited is the association of crafts and SMEs in Europe with around 70 member organisations from over 30 European countries, representing over 12 million enterprises with nearly 55 million employees across Europe. As a recognised employers’ organisation and European Social Partner, SMEunited acts on behalf of crafts and SMEs in the European Social Dialogue and in discussions with the EU institutions.

In his new role, Mr. van Nieuwenhuizen will represent the multisectoral point of view of Dutch SMEs, as well as the specific sectoral coverage of construction SMEs. Next to him, 20 other candidates were elected or re-elected for a mandate running for 2 years. Additionally, the current SMEunited President Petri Salminen, from Finland, was re-elected for a second mandate.

As a sectoral member of SMEunited, the whole EBC network congratulates and wishes all the best to President van Nieuwenhuizen, to the newly formed SMEunited Board of Directors and to President Salminen for the new governance mandate starting in January 2024 and ending in December 2025.

EBC looks forward to a continued and reinforced collaboration with SMEunited as representatives of crafts, micro, small and medium-sized companies in Europe.

To read more about SMEunited, visit the website: www.smeunited.eu