Energy efficiency: EBC exchanges with Brussels property owners in UIPI Renovation Tour

As a continuation of the long-standing collaboration with the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI), particularly on issues relating to the energy performance of buildings, EBC was invited to take part in the Brussels edition of the UIPI Renovation Tour, which took place on 28 November.

Since 2021, UIPI has been conducting a series of workshops on energy efficiency and building renovation, to bring the European Commission’s (EC) climate targets closer to EU citizens and property owners through local policy debates. The 7th UIPI Renovation Tour focused on supporting homeowners and property professionals in Brussels to ride the Renovation Wave, at an event on 28 November.

The event started with presentations on the European Union’s climate objectives and the Green Deal by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), followed by another on the Brussels strategy for a green transition in buildings by the Renolution Alliance.

Then, a policy roundtable moderated by UIPI Secretary General Emmanuelle Causse followed, counting with the participation of EBC Secretary General Fernando Sigchos Jiménez, Sylvain Robert Project officer at CINEA, Laurent Schiltz, Secretary General of Embuild.Brussels, Wiebe Verhoeven, Attaché at Regional Public Service Brussels Town Planning and Heritage (URBAN.Brussels), and Olivier de Clippele, President of the Brussels section of the National Union of Owners and Co-Owners. EBC Secretary General started by mentioning the ambitious legislative and regulatory framework that awaits the sector, with new provisions for the energy performance of buildings, but also for construction products, business models or access to private finance among others. He added how raising awareness among pivotal actors as property owners and construction SMEs at local level is fundamental to stimulate the Renovation Wave. Listening to the concerns of Brussels’ landlords regarding the poor quality and reliability of energy performance certificates, the lack of a qualified workforce, or the rebound effect of investing in energy efficiency on rental prices in a challenging economy, he reminded that environmental ambition and quality have a price that construction SMEs hardly can reflect in their pricing despite being eager and committed on pursuing their efforts for greater sustainability.

The last blocks of the event focused on public financing and subsidies for energy efficiency provided by the local Brussels One-stop-shop Homegrade, as well as feedback from running European projects, among which CondoReno. Counting with the participation of EBC and UIPI, CondoReno is a LIFE project aiming at improving integrated home renovation services for condominium associations, a very relevant approach for the Brussels scene with numerous co-owned properties.

EBC is pleased of the lively and open debate, reflecting the interest, concerns, and questions from crucial local stakeholders about the future framework for the energy performance of buildings, with European interinstitutional negotiations on the EPBD entering the final stage.

To learn more about EBC’s approach to the new EPBD, click here
To learn more about the project CondoReno, visit the website:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Programme for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) MGA — Multi & Mono, under grant agreement No. 101076316.