Women in construction: EBC organizes a HumanTech workshop on digital tools for health and safety with local French female experts

In the framework of the Horizon Europe project HumanTech, EBC organized the workshop “Perspectives from construction professionals on HumanTech innovation in health and safety, digitisation and robotization” for the Commission Nationale des Femmes de l’Artisanat (CNFA – National Committee for Women in Craft Industries, in English), a dedicated committee of our French member CAPEB, on 28 November.

The CNFA, already since 1979, brings forward gender diversity and the positions of women active in construction companies in France, listening to their specific requests and demands and by defending their interests.

The HumanTech workshop aimed at gathering comments and observations from CNFA experts on the human-centred technologies currently being developed by the project, to understand first-hand what the concrete needs and challenges are in terms of interaction with a range of digital solutions aiming at improving occupational health and safety.

EBC presented part of the ongoing work and considerations in HumanTech on collaborative and interactive robotics, exoskeletons, virtual and augmented reality technologies and wearable cameras. Q&A moments enabled to measure the participants’ degree of acceptance and how these tools could be improved. This workshop is part of a series of events organized to measure the impact of these technologies on the workforce, to better shape the training components of HumanTech.

For HumanTech, it is essential to understand and know the needs of users, especially from construction SMEs, not to miss out on any key functionality in the solutions developed. This activity is part of EBC’s involvement in the project regarding the usability assessment, the raising-awareness tasks, and the approach to training for the upskilling of the workforce.

The feedback collected, and the specific angle of a female perspective on health and safety digital tools, will help the HumanTech partners to move forward in contributing to a safer, greener and more resource efficient European construction sector.

For more information about the Commission Nationale des Femmes de l’Artisanat, click here
For more information about the HumanTech project, visit the website: https://humantech-horizon.eu/
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101058236.