Standardisation: EBC attends Advisory Group on Construction Products and Standing Committee on Construction

The 20th meeting of the Advisory Group on Construction Products (AGCP) and the 17th meeting of the Standing Committee on Construction (SCC), both organised by the European Commission on November 21, provided a platform for constructive discussions and updates on crucial matters affecting the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). EBC, in its role as coordinator of construction activities of SBS, joined representatives from the Members States and other stakeholders in these hybrid meetings held in Brussels.

In the AGCP meeting, discussions focused on updates on the CPR Roadmap and draft delegated acts for various construction products. Alignment with standardisation processes was emphasized throughout the discussions. The meeting also touched upon standardisation updates, including citations, requests, and the fast-track initiative. Draft regulations on Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) for environmental sustainability were thoroughly examined, with attention to potential impacts on SMEs.

Subsequently, the SCC meeting, provided insights on the results of the CPR Acquis process, covering updates on precast concrete products, structural metallic products, and ancillaries. The discussions delved into the standardisation requests for these products and space heating appliances, and on the product, category rules for environmental sustainability.

These meetings showcased ongoing efforts to implement and align in the context of the ongoing revision of the Construction Products Regulation. The emphasis on collaboration, standardisation, and adapting to evolving requirements underscores the commitment of the European Commission and Members States to collaboratively shape the future of the construction sector, with inclusive consultation of the construction value chain representatives and SME representatives, among which EBC and Small Business Standards.