Standardisation: EBC attends ADCO and GNB meetings on the CPR

Earlier this month, EBC participated in two significant meetings focused on the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

The first meeting, the Administrative Cooperation group (ADCO) took place in Zagreb on October 17 and 18. This gathering brought together representatives from various market surveillance authorities to foster a mutual understanding of CPR compliance. During this meeting, discussions centred on regulations impacting their work, including regulation 1020/2019 and 2023/988, and how they intersect with the CPR. Additionally, the authorities explored topics such as handling refurbished products and obtaining test results from associations.

On October 24, the Group of Notified Bodies (GNB) convened in Paris, gathering representatives from notified bodies across Europe to establish a collective stance on various aspects related to their work. Topics of discussion included the conditions for utilizing external facilities and the definition of “kits”.

Both meetings also featured updates on pertinent European Commission initiatives. Notably, the progress of the trilogue negotiations for the CPR revision was of significant interest, with the European Commission highlighting the achieved milestones. Furthermore, announcements were made regarding the upcoming citation of certain standards and the launch of public consultations for delegated acts.

EBC actively monitors these meetings to ensure it shares a comprehensive understanding of the CPR with other bodies, aiming to provide support to SMEs to navigate this complex regulatory environment. EBC is participating in those meetings in its capacity as a coordinator of the construction activities of Small Business Standards.

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