Standardisation: SBS releases Guide for SMEs to navigate contradictory standards in construction

Small Business Standards (SBS), the European association supporting SMEs in standardisation, has released a comprehensive guide titled “Navigating Contradictory Standards for Construction: Guidance and Solutions for Your Business“. The guide aims to assist construction SMEs and crafts by providing practical solutions to navigate the complexities of contradictory standards.

The guide offers clear instructions and recommendations, equipping SMEs with the necessary guidance to handle both harmonized and non-harmonized standards effectively. It sheds light on the significance of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the necessary compliance procedures for the CE-marking. By gaining insight into the issues causing delays in the citation of standards, SMEs could effectively communicate these challenges to their clients, fostering transparency and trust in the construction sector. The guide also encourages SMEs to stay informed about CPR updates, seek support from representative SME and construction organizations, and effectively communicate with customers regarding CPR-related matters.

As coordinator of SBS construction-related activities, EBC was invited to present the guide during the General Assembly of the European Consortium of Anchors Producers (ECAP). Additionally, the members of ECAP had the opportunity to engage in discussions surrounding the implementation and the revision of the CPR with EBC Technical Officer Evangelia Tsiala, and seek clarifications related to the impact on their products and operations. The discussion also touched upon potential future sustainability requirements stemming from the ongoing revision of European legislation.

EBC is a founding member and partner of SBS, representing SBS in construction-related fora and coordinating its sectoral approach for construction.

The SBS guide Navigating Contradictory Standards for Construction: Guidance and Solutions for Your Business is available online in the form of a concise infographic and a detailed guidance document.

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