Energy Efficiency: EBC intervenes on EPBD during CNA’s Sustainable construction week

EBC took part last week at the closing event of the Italian 5th edition of the “Sustainable construction week”, organized by CNA Costruzioni and CNA Nazionale from 17 to 24 March in Tuscany (Italy).

In this framework, EBC Secretary General Fernando Sigchos Jiménez was invited to the final conference moderated by Riccardo Masini, Responsible of CNA Costruzioni and EBC Board Member, to discuss with Italian national and regional stakeholders on the energy efficiency perspective in construction in Italy and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

During the panel, attended by entrepreneurs, sector experts, and national politicians from the majority and opposition, the President of CNA Costruzioni Enzo Ponzio affirmed that the EPBD is an important opportunity for the sector if applied with a pragmatic and sustainable approach. He also stated that to make Italy’s building stock safer and to achieve the goal of energy efficiency the EPBD must be a priority of the Italian government and that each Member State must take a pragmatic approach in the transposition phase.

Then, EBC Secretary General offered an overview of the state of play of the EPBD, its most important provisions for constructions SMEs and crafts and on what is ahead in the upcoming trilogues. He mentioned that the recent vote by the European Parliament represented a further step towards a better framework to trigger increasing renovation projects and energy efficiency in buildings, but reminded that the trilogue negotiations will shape its final version.

Indeed, national Ministries of Energy in the Council are going to be decisive in giving this major reform its final shape and not to miss this unique opportunity to take a major step towards the 2050 climate neutrality target of the European Union.

During the exchanges, it was pointed out the that the EPBD revision is one of the necessary steps to achieve the Renovation Wave identified as a hallmark of the European Green Deal. Investing in the renovation of buildings means improving the living conditions of European citizens as well as reducing energy consumption, thus helping to alleviate Italy’s dependence on fossil fuels. In this context, the National Renovation Building Plans, which each Member State will have to draw up, will be the instrument for adjusting the objectives according to the characteristics of each country and defining the necessary accompanying measures and investment support for SMEs, a fundamental actor for the digital and green transition of the construction sector and building stock.

EBC will continue to closely follow developments at European level and support an ambitious reform of the EPBD that works and delivers on EU priorities, while adapting to the realities of the construction sector.

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