The European Commission presents the Transition Pathway for the construction ecosystem

On 15th of March, the European Commission presented its long-awaited Transition Pathway for the Construction ecosystem. The document aims to accompany the twin digital and green transition in the construction ecosystem, in line with the proposals of the new EU industrial strategy.

The Transition Pathway was developed based on inputs shared in the High-Level Construction Forum. The document is built around six building blocks that are connected by cross-cutting themes. These building blocks include competitiveness, skills and talent, enabling framework, R&I and technology, finance, and a safe and fair build environment.

The importance of SMEs to achieve the objectives of the policy report is highlighted all over the text. SMEs face challenges in developing the skills of their workers, internationalising, digitalising, and adopting innovation. Lack of investment and low digitalization rates also hinder their resilience and competitiveness. To address these challenges, the development of support structures, training, and funding programs are proposed to help SMEs adopt digital technologies, promote innovation, and access financing.

Although the pathway does not result in legislative proposals at this stage, it will serve as a basis for guiding the relevant policy discussions in the coming years. The document presents roadmaps with objectives and actions positioned in time, which aim to guide Member States and stakeholders in developing commitments on how they will implement this Transition Pathway. The next step is the creation of national and industry roadmaps. Therefore, its success depends on collaboration and co-ownership of the implementation of the Transition Pathway.

EBC has been closely cooperating with the European Commission during the development of this document, notably through its direct participation in the HLCF sessions on the digitalization of the construction sector and BIM and public procurement and the Construction 2050 Alliance.

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