Standardisation: 26 SBS experts representing SMEs construction technical fora

In January, Small Business Standards (SBS), the European association giving SMEs a voice in the standardisation process at the European and international level, appointed 72 experts nominated by organisations representing SMEs to the International and European standardisation organisations. Their task will be to defend the interests of SMEs in the standardisation process, to ensure that their unique needs and concerns are taken into account when developing standards.

Out of the experts, 26 are actively engaged in various technical committees and working groups related to the construction sector. As the coordinator of the construction sector approach of SBS, coordinates and manages the activities of these experts and supports them in developing a cohesive and impactful European position benefiting the interests of construction crafts and SMEs. In addition, this collaboration between EBC and SBS creates further opportunities to access technical committees of political importance.

The experts will cover a broad range of topics which are highly relevant for the work of construction SMEs. One reinforced area of focus for these experts is the collection and digitalisation of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM). With the increasing use of BIM in the construction sector, it is essential that SMEs are able to shape this technology so that it brings them a real added value in their construction and renovation projects.

Additionally, as sustainability is becoming highly relevant in the construction sector, experts are active in relevant committees. As such, they engage with the delivery of environmental information through their participation in the Technical Committee dealing with Sustainability of Construction works. They also ensure that industry needs are met for the durability of wood and wood-based products, including classification, performance assessment, and specifications for treated wood and wood preservatives.

Another area of expertise is the design of construction works, where several experts are contributing to the revision of Eurocode series. Regarding building design, experts will cover crucial aspects, such as acoustic design and fire safety. In terms of construction materials and products, the experts provide guidance on the development of standards for products of crucial importance for micro-enterprises and crafts, including windows, doors, roof covering products, or flooring.

Overall, the appointment of these SME construction experts in standardisation is significant for the sector. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, helping to ensure that SMEs are able to thrive in a rapidly evolving construction landscape. By addressing critical areas such as building acoustics, thermal insulation, and safety standards, these experts will help to improve the quality and efficiency of construction projects, benefiting both SMEs and the sector as a whole.

EBC is a founding member and partner of SBS, representing SBS in construction-related fora and coordinating its sectoral approach for construction.