Posting of workers: EBC contributes to ELA working and focus groups

The posting of workers is one of the key areas of the mandate of the European Labour Authority (ELA). The year 2023 will witness further activities of ELA in this area, with a specific focus on the construction sector.

In this context, the ELA will be organizing a dedicated week on the posting of workers in Bratislava on 13-17 March 2023, consisting of three meetings promoting cooperation between the Member States and the social partners in this field. To this end, the ELA has created sectorial Working Groups, to which EBC has been nominated as representative of construction SMEs and employers, next to the German Construction Federation (ZDB) and FIEC. The thematic meeting on posting in construction will take place on 15 March 2022.

With a view to fostering synergies and complementarities until this dedicated week, the ELA set up a focus group to prepare the discussion of the Working group for construction, with meetings held this week and last to which EBC participated. At this occasion, the ELA gathered information, experiences, and other relevant materials on the posting of workers in the construction sector, with the final goal to feed the key messages of the information and awareness raising campaign that the ELA will launch next autumn.

EBC will continue to monitor the issue of posting of workers and its impact on construction, including issues of unfair competition and disruptions by temporary work agencies, and is pleased to contribute to the ELA’s activities in this regard.