Digital construction: BIM4Ren training days in Italy and France

During the last few years, the EU-funded BIM4Ren project has developed BIM tools for the energy renovation of residential buildings, with a special focus on the needs of construction SMEs. With the project coming to an end next 30 September, its final results have been disseminated last 14 September, in the occasion of two BIM4Ren training days which simultaneously took place in Lecco (Italy) and in Paris (France).

EBC co-organized, along with its Italian member Anaepa Confartigianato, Confartigianato Lecco and Volcano High, the training day in Lecco, which gathered more than 80 participants among industry professionals, architects, policy makers and students who attended the meeting both in presence and online.

During the conference sessions, the focus of the interventions was the importance of the BIM methodology for the energy requalification of the building stock in Europe and how SMEs in the construction sector can welcome BIM and digital tools. The event saw the intervention of both the EBC President Philip van Nieuwenhuizen, who stressed the need of need for construction SMEs and craftsmen of digital tools that are accessible, convenient, user-friendly and that bring real added value to their daily activities, and the EBC Secretary General Fernando Sigchos Jiménez, who illustrated the EU context for the energy renovation of buildings, detailing the opportunities and challenges for the construction industry in relation to the twin digital and green transitions.

The workshop session was devoted to the BIM4Ren findings and to specific training on some easy-to-use & accessible BIM tools particularly adapted to smaller construction enterprises.

The training day in Paris, organized by the French partners of the project the applied research centre NOBATEK/INEF4 and the CSTB, targeted the local market and focused on the developments for the digitisation of the existing building stock and the management of the models, the evaluation of different renovation scenarios and, above all, a case study of the application of BIM to the residential buildings of POLYLOGIS/LOGIREP in Joinville.


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