Resilience in Construction: EBC Secretary General speaks in EU Industry Days podcast

In the context of the EU Industry Days 2022, EBC Secretary General Fernando Sigchos Jiménez was invited by the European Commission DG Grow to speak in an episode of the “Unlocking the future” Podcast series, entitled “Resilience and Transformation in Construction.

The podcast, which aired on 28 January and was released the following week as part of the official EU Industry Days programme, focused on the concept of resilience and transformational elements in the construction ecosystem, in a context where the sector is currently facing disruptive factors such as market fluctuations, environmental concerns and digitalisation challenges.

Mr Sigchos Jiménez engaged in conversations with fellow guest speaker Coline Lavorel from the ZOE Institute for Future-Fit Economies, and during his intervention he highlighted in particular the necessity and capacity of the construction sector to bounce back after difficult crises as the 2000’s economic crisis and the covid-19 pandemic, considering its importance for the European economy and citizens. He also added that construction faces challenges related not only to its environmental aspects but also its social sustainability, considering the lack of appealing among young people and women.

The episode has been published on the official podcast page and is also available in the following formats and platforms:

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