Energy Efficiency: EBC & FIEC meet Commission for a constructive and proportionate EPBD revision

In the context of the wider consultation process on the way to the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), EBC and FIEC met with several Directorate-Generals (DGs) of the European Commission in early November. EBC had the opportunity to present its arguments to the EC officials and its view of a revised EPBD that will foster energy-efficient renovation and will help achieve the goals of the European Green Deal.

During this constructive exchange, the Commission was represented by officials from four DGs working on the EPBD revision, namely the ones for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW), Energy (DG ENER), Climate Action (DG CLIMA) and Environment (DG ENV). The Commission was interested in receiving the feedback of the industry on how it envisions the upcoming revision of the directive and the role it can play in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and the introduction of whole-life carbon considerations.

EBC underlined the need to safeguard the aspects of the EPBD that have proved to successfully contribute to a better-functioning and sustainable built environment, while supporting the ambition to align the directive with the ambition of the Green Deal. As reflected in the EBC Position Paper published earlier this autumn, construction SMEs are calling for realistic and proportionate measures that can deliver on the EU’s ambition. Notably, unlocking the full potential of One-Stop Shops for energy efficiency, making sure that EPCs are reliable and based on a more harmonized EU framework – especially in view of the potential introduction of new tools such as building renovation passports, digital building logbooks and minimum energy performance standards – but also the need for a separate in-depth debate on life-cycle elements were put forward by EBC.

The European Commission is expected to publish its proposal for a revised EPBD on 14 December.

To read the full EBC position paper on the revision of the EPBD, click here