Digital Construction: BIM-SPEED National training and dissemination workshops

In the framework of the Horizon 2020 project “BIM-SPEED – Harmonised Building Information Speedway for Energy-Efficient Renovation”, EBC, REHVA, FIEC and ACE organised two national BIM-SPEED training and dissemination workshops on 20 October 2021.

The objective of the project is to push towards a deep renovation of the existing building stock through BIM and to accelerate the adoption of BIM in the EU. To achieve these objectives, the BIM-SPEED partners have developed several BIM tools and methodologies, accompanied by comprehensive training material available in different media formats (, so as to be easily accessible to all major stakeholders in the renovation market.

The two workshops were conceived as interactive events reserved for the members of the four European federations mentioned above, with the aim of promoting the project’s tools and reinforcing the knowledge of BIM-Speed initiatives towards a selected audience of practitioners from Greece and French-speaking countries. The workshops were held online in two dedicated sessions in the morning and afternoon:

  • Morning session: National Workshop for Greece, co-organised by FIEC and ACE, with the support of the other two EU umbrella organisations and with simultaneous interpretation provided in English-Greek.
  • Afternoon session: National Workshop for French-speaking countries, co-organised by EBC and REHVA, with the support of the other two EU umbrella organisations and with simultaneous interpretation provided in English-French.

The two events succeeded in gathering more than 50 live participants, with different professional backgrounds (e.g., engineers, construction companies, architects, project managers, teachers, etc.). The following BIM-SPEED tools, as well as the BIM-SPEED competition, were introduced to the participants, through presentations and demonstrations:

  1. BIM-SPEED Project presentation – presented by André van Delft (DEMO, the Netherlands).
  2. BIM-SPEED platform – presented by Nicolas Pastorelly (CSTB, France).
  3. BIM-SPEED methodology toolkit – presented by Jan-Derrick Braun (Hocthief, Germany).
  4. Extended Reality Tools – presented Nadya Stamatova (Architectural Spies, Bulgaria).
  5. BIM Maturity Tool – presented by Essam Fadel (Planen Bauen 4.0, Germany).
  6. CYPE tools: CYPETHERM & CYPETHERM Plus – presented by Benjamín González (CYPE, Spain).
  7. BIM-SPEED “EU BIM for building renovation” competition – presented by Spyridon Pantelis (REHVA, EU).

To learn more about the tools presented during the workshops and other BIM-SPEED tools and the related training material, click here.

Don’t forget that the BIM-SPEED competition, open for teams of construction professionals and students, is running! To know how to participate, the conditions and what awards will be granted to the winning teams, click here. The BIM-SPEED Competition Registration Deadline: 14 February 2022!