Skills: Strategic Construction Blueprint survey on skills needs of construction companies

A new survey addressing the current educational needs of construction companies has been launched in the framework of the EU funded initiative Construction Blueprint, in which EBC is collaborating with 12 VET centres and higher education institutions and 11 EU and national sectoral organisations, to revise the skills framework for construction in Europe.

This questionnaire aims at identifying the skills needs of construction companies – micro companies, SMEs and larger groups – in the fields of digitalisation, energy efficiency and circular economy.

Your contribution to the results of the survey will be key in determining the existing and future skills required in the construction industry, and at the same time will enable the consortium to provide guidelines that reflect the reality of the labour market, in view of harmonising the skills needs of construction companies with the training and curricula offers from VET and other training centres.

This survey is also part of a broader effort to establish a web-based observatory for construction skills to anticipate skills needs by using a Big Data methodology at the national and regional level and by the combination of the information coming from different sources, such as the survey.

To reach a great number of construction companies, the 15-minutes survey is available in 12 European languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Greek, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Finnish. We warmly invite all construction companies to fill it in and to share it massively with their networks.

The responses to the survey will remain completely anonymous, and the results of the questionnaire will be available by October 2021. Please note that the survey is available until 30 June.  

For more information on the Construction Blueprint project and its current activities, please consult the website at this link:

You are also invited to join the Construction Blueprint “Sectorial Skills Alliance” group on LinkedIn (at this link: to discuss the latest skills trends and best practices in construction with other professionals and stakeholders in the sector.