Construction 2050 Alliance: Launch of the Alliance website and social media

The Construction 2050 Alliance is pleased to bring you our newly created website and social media accounts, to be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

As you probably know, our Construction 2050 Alliance brings together 47 European associations representing the actors of the built environment working together to advance the needs and priorities of the wider construction and built-environment sector at the European level. By optimising the way construction works, the Construction 2050 Alliance aims to improve the life of European citizens, provide higher value with fewer natural resources, and achieve higher quality assets for owners and users.

The Construction 2050 Alliance aims to coordinate common political messages of the construction value chain and raise the political importance of the sector at the European level. To better reach our audiences, we are pleased to announce the creation of our website, as well as our presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us to keep up to date with our upcoming actions and events!

By following our communication channels, you will be able to keep track of the developments the Construction 2050 Alliance will lead according to its 2021-2022 Work -programme, which features 6 priority areas:

  1. Construction: the solution to Europe’s recovery after COVID-19
  2. The contribution of the built environment to the EU Green Deal
  3. The human factor in construction: safety, skills and sector’s image
  4. Relaunching the Construction 2020 Strategy
  5. EU Data Strategy: a construction approach
  6. Developing a communication strategy for the Alliance
Stay tuned to cooperate more with us for a sustainable built environment!