BIM: join the BIM4Ren Stakeholders community to learn more on the digital renovation of buildings

BIM4REN is a major Horizon 2020 funded project on the exploitation of BIM potential for the energy renovation of existing buildings for the whole construction value chain. Indeed, the BIM4Ren partnership, of which EBC is part, knows that more energy-efficient buildings require innovative and adapted methods and tools for construction professionals, especially SMEs, and efficient, collaborative processes throughout the construction value chain.

The BIM4Ren Stakeholders community is a major element of the initiative since it is the interface of the BIM4Ren consortium with the civil society. This community facilitates the contact between the project partners and you, as well as with other key policy actors, construction stakeholders, targeted associations, local governments, companies, communities or research programs. The intention of this community is to ensure that solid relationships are developed with a purpose (awareness, influence, knowledge transfer, training, exploitation potential, etc.).

To this end, the BIM4Ren partnership has created a new section on its website to explain the different levels of interaction possible, i.e. 3 categories:

The Early Adopters: Close to BIM4REN project partners due to their involvement in the pilots and living labs, the Early Adopters are public or private organizations involved in the renovation sector that could potentially use the developments of the BIM4REN project in their activity.

The Stakeholders: More committed to the project activities than the followers but less than the Early Adopters. They are likely to attend project workshops, engage directly in pilot activities and/or participate in training webinars and events.

The Followers: Actors curious about the BIM4REN project but with a low level of commitment. They only receive information electronically, follow BIM4REN social media and attend public events or meetings on BIM4REN. This category covers all entities that request information on BIM4REN tools and methods, without taking an active role in the action of the project.

The Sister projects, which means the Horizon 2020 projects that are also dedicated to research on BIM in renovation projects, are naturally invited to join the BIM4Ren community given the similarity of their actions and objectives.

  • Be the first to learn about BIM4Ren events, conferences & webinars
  • Participate in the pilots in France, Italy & Spain
  • Become an Early Adopter to test the platform & tools
  • Expand your network, join a pool of experts on BIM & buildings renovation
  • Gain visibility as a supporter of the project on BIM4Ren website & social media

To know more about BIM4Ren, BIM-based tools for fast and efficient renovation, visit the website