Skills: CONDAP Memorandum of Cooperation on upskilling construction trainers & mentors

EBC is glad to announce the official launch of the CONDAP Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), which aims at establishing a EU-wide community of construction and training stakeholders & experts, willing to engage in future cooperation activities to support the skills development of trainers and mentors involved in construction apprenticeships.

The MoC has been created in the framework of the Erasmus + project CONDAP, which aims at providing construction trainers and mentors with a diverse set of digital, energy, cross-discipline and transversal skills (including a recently finalised Vocational Open Online Course, freely available at this link).

Below are some of the collaboration activities in which the MoC signatories will have the opportunity to engage, within their capacities and available resources:

  • Widespread dissemination of training materials and best practices aimed at enhancing the skills of construction trainers, promoting their replication and scaling up.
  • Active participation in seminars, conferences and events addressing topics such as VET and apprenticeships schemes in construction.
  • Facilitating meetings and matchmaking among signatory parties, to explore possibilities for joint research, actions and projects in the field.
  • Mutual exchange of information and knowledge between signatory parties on public and private initiatives aimed at increasing the quality and supply of skills development opportunities for construction trainers, VET programmes and apprenticeships schemes.
  • Vocal advocacy vis-à-vis political actors at all levels for a better support of the upskilling of construction trainers.
  • Raising awareness on the societal and economic benefits emanating from the construction sector and the need of better skilled and qualified construction trainers.
  • Taking initiatives to improve the overall image of the construction sector towards youth and the civil society.

To know more about the context, objectives and activities of the CONDAP Memorandum of Cooperation, please visit the online version of the MoC at this link or consult its extended version here.