Sustainable buildings: First meeting between Covenant of Mayors and EU organisations marks start of discussion

Yesterday, a first meeting organised by the Covenant of Mayors and joined by EBC among various other organisations from the built environment took place to discuss possibilities to accelerate the path towards sustainable buildings. The coalition aims at identifying potential synergies between the work and initiatives of the members of the Covenant of Mayors and relevant European associations in order to foster cooperation and to facilitate peer-exchange, with the shared goal to streamline and enhance efforts supporting the increase of renovation rates across Europe.

EBC believes that bringing together different stakeholders to cooperate and share expert knowledge and on-the-ground experience concerning the transformation of the existing building is essential to improve the sustainability of the European built environment. In addition, the coalition has the potential to offer valuable input for political decision-makers at all levels in order to help them develop tailored policy responses, e.g. with regard to one-stop-shops for energy renovations at the regional and local level.

EBC will continue to participate in these discussions in order to bring the added value of the experiences of its SMEs and construction craftsmen.

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