Construction 2050 Alliance: meeting with the Cabinet of Commissioner Breton

On 28/1 the Construction 2050 Alliance held a meeting with the Cabinet of Commissioner Breton, and discussed about the construction-related priorities for the Commission for 2021, the forthcoming new Industrial Policy and the role of construction in the recovery from the Covid pandemic.

 The Renovation Wave, the Affordable Housing initiative, the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings, the digital transition, the revision of the construction products Regulation, the Taxonomy for sustainable investments are only some of the issues on which we will need to focus this year.

 One of the main role of the Construction 2050 Alliance, which gathers around 50 European organisations involved in the construction value chain, is to strengthen the visibility and the voice of our sector towards the EU Institutions. Besides our regular contacts with the services of the Commission, in particular with the Construction Unit within DG GROW, such meetings are extremely important in order to build mutually helpful links with the key EU policy makers.

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