#Buildinglife campaign: First European Leadership Forum meeting

Last week, the first meeting of the European Leadership Forum, within the frame of the #Buildinglife campaign initiated by the World Green Buildings Council, took place. The forum currently consists of about 20 associations and aims to align and build consensus on the future direction of EU buildings policy, particularly the role of life cycle thinking and whole life carbon in delivering the EU Green Deal; steer the development of a roadmap titled “EU Policy Whole Life Carbon”; and serve as an expert advisory board concerning the implementation of legislative initiatives under the Green Deal.

EBC welcomes any initiative that aims to improve the sustainability of the EU built environment and thus chose to join the European Leadership Forum. Essential from the perspective of construction SMEs is that any possible future roadmap, being developed in the context of the #Buildinglife campaign, is based on scientific evidence and takes into account the EU market reality of the different construction sub-sectors. In addition to this, possible resulting policy initiatives need to be accompanied by measures supporting the transformation of actors and in particular construction SMEs, which tend to face higher transformative challenges than large enterprises, due to their limited financial and human resources. This will be important to ensure that construction craftsmen and SMEs are neither left behind nor kicked out of the market, which would considerably hamper the path towards a sustainable building stock.

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