COVID-19: Declaration of the European Construction sector

We, the construction representatives at the EU level, wish to reiterate our commitment to support public authorities & our dedication to our workers’ well-being in this complex period.

From an economic and industrial point of view, the situation is unprecedented and could have extremely damaging and long-term effects. It has the potential of exhausting companies’ cash flow and cripple the construction value-chain for years to come, crushing the millions of SMEs, the large businesses and industrial entities alike.

Jointly, we call upon the the European institutions and the European Member States to act in full coordination to support the sector to:

  • Ensure health of its workers

  • Mantain economic activity

  • Accelerate the recovery

Finally, we ask the European Commission to open a dialogue as soon as the circumstances allow it, in order to jointly identify and implement appropriate measures to limit the downturn and facilitate a rapid recovery of all construction activities.

Click on the image below or here for the full declaration.