Standardisation: EBC participates in CEN-CENELEC video on Standards in Construction

EBC was pleased to take part, upon invitation of CEN-CENELEC, in fruitful discussions on the development of digital solutions in construction, together with other major construction stakeholders such as FIEC, CPE and CECE.

The exchanges, captured in a short video, addressed the challenges and opportunities that the construction sector is facing in the context of the ongoing digital transformation, with a focus on the sustainable and innovative solutions that can be offered by a more extensive recourse to standards, new technologies and digital tools (such as Building Information Modelling).

EBC Secretary General Eugenio Quintieri intervened on the great impact that digitalisation can have for the entire construction sector, stating: “Digitalisation increases productivity. At the same time, it increases traceability of construction materials, as well as analysis of energy performance. This is crucial to meet the decarbonization goals of the European Union. Standardisation is key, because it improves interoperability and at the same time boosts innovation through standards”.

To watch the video on standards in digital construction produced by CEN-CENELEC in the framework of its #TrustStandards campaign, please click below:

For more information about standards in construction and CEN Technical Committee 442 (CEN/TC 442): Building Information Modelling (BIM), please visit the following website: