Exploring links between Circular Economy and the Construction Products Regulation

In preparation of the forthcoming revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union organised an Informal Meeting of the Working Party on Technical Harmonisation in Helsinki on 3 September 2019. As the representative of SMEs in the standardisation community, Small Business Standards (SBS) was invited to this seminar specifically dedicated to the relationship between circular economy and the CPR in the future.

This meeting explored the potential role of construction products in the circular economy and the problems related to the CPR and overlapping legislation, through three sessions: the Member States’ survey on circular economy; the potential of circular economy in the built environment; and the interconnections between circular economy and other European legislations or initiatives.

It is still too early to determine whether the circular economy can become a major element of the new CPR, but the European Builders Confederation is closely monitoring this matter, as the coordinator of construction-related activities in SBS.

Informal Meeting of the Working Party on Technical Harmonisation
Helsinki, 03 September 2019