EBC meets construction high-level representatives from Latin America

On 14 May, EBC Secretary General was invited to a roundtable discussion with Construction Associations from  Latin America and Europe about common challenges and potential cooperation. The meeting was held in Barcelona in the context of Construmat, one of the biggest construction trade fairs in the world. On the occasion, high-level representatives from Cuba, Ecuador and El Salvador discussed with EBC, FIEC and PTEC on how to strengthen relations between construction representative from both continents. In particular, representatives discussed on how common challenges such as digitalisation and circular economy are transforming the sector. The meeting was a fruitful occasion to exchange best practices on how to address these challenges by fostering international cooperation.

On the occasion, Eugenio Quintieri also presented EBC Manifesto for the European Elections 2019-2024. Representatives from Latin America welcomed the Manifesto and acknowledged that construction SMEs across continents share many common challenges that could be beneficially addressed through a continuous open dialogue.

Construmat 2019, EBC & FIEC meeting with Latin American counterparts