EBC Manifesto for the European elections: Give construction SMEs the means to build a sustainable Europe

The hard and good work of European construction SMEs and craftsmen is at the heart of our life: they build the homes we live in, the roads we travel on and the schools we learn in. In fact, construction SMEs and enterprises do not only create these structures, they also maintain and renovate them to help the European Union in reaching its ambitions towards economic, social, environmental and energy goals. 

However, construction SMEs and craftsmen need an enabling political and financial framework that gives them the means to build a durable Europe. EBC President Rinaldo Incerpi stated: “Construction SMEs are vital to improve the life of European citizens. But to do that, the support of the European Union is still crucial. We are prepared and ready to discuss our ideas for the next term with the European Institutions and further stakeholders in order to build the sustainable Europe of tomorrow!

With this collaborative approach in mind, the European Builders Confederation is delighted to share its manifesto for the 2019-2024 European legislative term. The EBC proposals and requests aim to truly value construction SMEs for what they are: not only the backbone of the construction sector, but of the whole European economy.

Our Construction SMEs priorities:

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Let’s discuss our ideas and how to work together to make them a reality!