Internal market: EBC Vice-President discussed priorities with MEP Nagtegaal

On 7 March, EBC Vice-President Philip van Nieuwenhuizen was invited to a brainstorming meeting organised by MEP Nagtegaal (NL/ALDE) together with Dutch associations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland to discuss the EU internal market and future industrial policy. Exchanges focused around how to achieve an optimal functioning of the internal market, how to decrease existing market barriers and how to turn the internal market from a technical exercise into a political priority.

Mr van Nuiwenhuizen highlighted the importance to include micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the digitalisation of the construction sector and to ensure that digital programmes, applications and systems are interconnected and accessible for SMEs. In addition, he stressed the need to stronger support education and training possibilities for construction SMEs, especially in the areas of energy efficiency, circular economy and digitalisation; and to further decrease internal market barriers.

EBC looks forward to further collaborate on these issues with the soon-to-be elected European institutions representatives in order to work together for a fair and inclusive internal market during the next European mandate.

Meeting with MEP van Nagtegaal