SBS Construction forum: a more SME-friendly standardisation system in the construction sector

On 7 November, Small Business Standards (SBS) will host, in Brussels, its annual SBS Construction Sector Forum meeting, open to participants from SBS members and SBS experts interested in the construction sector in general and construction products in particular.

The agenda for this Forum has been designed to be helpful and informative for current and future standardisation work. We will have a presentation and discussion on the SBS information-based approach to dangerous substances, to hear whether SMEs find this workable, followed by presentations on what SBS experts active in CEN TCs are expected to do in terms of SMART CE marking, Environmental Product Declarations (EPIs) and in response to future standardisation requests.

The second session will concentrate on recent and current developments regarding the CPR and construction standardization, with the presentation of the SBS position on the future of the CPR, feedback and assessment of the CEN seminar on how to write CPR hENs, and a short clarifying presentation on the content of CPR hENs. Moreover, one of the CPR HAS Consultants will present how they are being asked to assess hENs.